Georgia Lottery | The Mill 2017

Designed and animated the scene described by the gifs below. Also helped with design and animation throughout the entire spot. 

Client: Georgia Lottery
Agency: BBDO Atlanta

Animation Company: The Mill Chicago
Creative Director: Jeff Boddy
Art Director: Matt Darnall
Technical Director: Josh Van Praag
Producer: Erica Hilbert
Production Coordinator: Katie Sink
Storyboards: Matt Darnall, Adrian Navarro
Design: Prashanti Aswani, Adrian Navarro, Jeff Boddy
Photographer: Dan Frantz
Lead Animator: Adrian Navarro
Animation: Prashanti Aswani, Josh Van Praag, Matt Darnall, Adrian Navarro
Finishing: Michael Sarabia
Casting: O’Connor Casting Company
Hot Dog Guy: Jobe Cerny
Sound Design: Acoustech Music Productions Audio Post Engineer/Sound Designer: Gopal Swamy