Raju's Life | 2016

Raju was born and raised in Mumbai, as an only child who lived with his parents. As a child, his father would take him to plays, movies, all kinds of fairs, and of course, circuses. Circuses were Raju's absolute favorite. He never got tired of them. He enjoyed every ride and every game at every stall. At age 25, recognized by his title of being the greatest juggler in India, he got a call from one of the greatest circuses in the world - Tivoli. They asked if he would be willing to move to Estonia for at least 2 years where they would pay for his studio apartment and his move to an entirely new country, continent and home. Raju moved to Estonia, made great friends and loved his job more than ever before. His juggling skit was usually followed by the grand and fantastic elephant performance run by Pat, the famous elephant. Raju was Hindu and prayed twice a day to the Hindu God, Ganpati. His mother would always make him sit while she did prayers every morning. In some ways it became more of a habit than a strong belief in God.