I have a friend who successfully managed to stay in her childhood years until she was 21. She talks to inanimate objects, herself and whatever else she feels might want to hear what she has to say. It has reached a point where I really think having an imaginary friend would be best for her.  

For my final photography project I decided to bring to the real world parts of what could be running through her strange mind. Through a series of digitally manipulated photographs, I have created a narrative that depicts just one day spent with her friend, Boris, who we come to finally realize, is just a small figment of her mysteriously beautiful imagination. 


The Story: She goes out for a walk into the woods where she encounters a strange creature. Hesitant at first, she hides behind a tree before mustering up the courage to shake his hand. They go out into the city where they stop at a cafe before going out for a play in the snow. She takes him back home at which point he disappears, leaving her and her imagination in despair.